ACCES-VR Services

We are authorized to provide the following services and supports under our contract with ACCES-VR:

Pre-Employment Transition Services

  • 121X: Post-Secondary Counseling
  • 122X: Job Exploration Counseling
  • 124X: Instruction in Self-Advocacy
  • 127X: Workplace Readiness Training to Develop Social Skills and Independent Living

Assessment Services

  • 120X: Career Exploration Assessment
  • 100X: Standardized Testing/Specialized Evaluation

Employment. Preparation Services

  • 123X: Self-Advocacy for Employment
  • 125X: Work Readiness - Soft Skills Training

Adjunct Services

  • 790X: Coaching Supports for Post-Secondary Education
  • 792X: Coaching and Communication Supports for Post-Secondary Education and Employment


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